Our Facilities

Medeze expands and multiplies Mesenchymal Stem Cell routinely for our clients without outsourcing to other laboratory center. We have the following:

  1. Technicians who are all master-degree scientists in stem cell biology.
  2. Collects adipose stem cell from excess fat tissue. This makes it possible for autologous transplantation.
  3. Uses clean room class 100 (ISO class7 ), 100 times less particles than operative theater.
  4. Provides chromosomal analysis of stem cells prior cryopreservation.
  5. Proves what we do in “photo certificate”.
  6. Is active company in International Society of Cellular Therapy; an international society for stem cell transplantation.
  7. Medeze will conduct necessary tests to ensure that the collected stem cells are healthy and can be used for treatment purposes.