Our Services

Medeze is a leader in providing services for the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine.  Specifically, Medeze precisely separates, multiplies and stores adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for autologous use by physicians. This means that an individual’s fat (adipose) is the source of their adult stem cells, which are used only for that individual and never for any other person.

Below is an overview of the process to save your adult stem cells:

  • Discuss the banking of stem cells with your physician.
  • Ask your physician to call Medeze with any questions, and then contact us for materials so that you may enroll.
  • Once enrolled, a blood test is conducted for banking eligibility (you must be tested for Hepatitis B & C, HIV and Syphilis among other prerequisite testing)
  • If qualified, a Medeze banking coordinator will call you to work with you or your physician to schedule an appointment for a physician to review your eligibility for extraction. If the physician decides you are a candidate, he/she will extract five to 10 milliliters of fat tissue from the abdomen or surrounding areas. This simple, virtually pain-free, outpatient procedure should take no more than one hour.
  • With proprietary processing and preserving technologies, Medeze laboratory will specifically isolate your mesenchymal stem cells, multiply, and store them in such a way to ensure their high quality reactivation for future use.

The future of autologous uses of your stem cells is now

Adult stem cells have advantages of better genetic stability and integrity, and the use of your own cells (autologous) also reduces significantly risks of complications from antigenicity or immune reactions to foreign substances. Not only this principle is important because it lowers the risk of complications, but also because it improves the efficiency of healing much better than pharmaceutical substitutes. Unlike synthetic options, your own stem cells provide several types of growth factors such as EGFs, and FGFs which are required in successful tissue remodeling and repair.

At Medeze, we are developing technologies that turn your mesenchymal stem cells for repair and replacement therapies. For example, our current focus is to provide you with autologous cornea related cures. We provide you with solutions to problems from exterior cornea such as persistent epithelial defects and chronic recurrent erosion, to accidental abrasion in corneal stroma from chemical or infection burns, and all the way to  a complete lab-grown autologous cornea for cornea transplant.