Why bank with Medeze?

Medeze is committed to providing superior customer service and the highest quality standards for its adipose tissue services and stem cell banking. We were amongst the first private stem cell bank to isolate and store stem cells. Our Bangkok headquarter own and operate Thailand’s largest laboratories. Medeze’s mission is to provide our clients with the premier stem cell cryopreservation service and to support research and development initiatives for tissue engineering.

Our associates are highly trained and the Company’s state-of-the-art laboratory operation utilizes high quality equipment and manufacturing processes to process, test and preserve your stem cells.

Lifetime Storage

For the “Lifetime Package”, once all fees are paid, Medeze will provide a lifetime storage (based on the existing medical technology) of the banked cells, with no further fees except annual fees payable after the 25th year.

25 Year Quality Guarantee

Medeze will guarantee the quality of the stem cells banked for 25 years.

Pre-banking Evaluation

If the evaluation shows that the cells are not worth keeping, Medeze will inform CLIENT within 24 hours, and will refund CLIENT all monies paid, after deduct collection fee.

Test Results

Medeze will conduct necessary tests to ensure that the collected stem cells meets ISCT, AABB and FACT standards and can be used for treatment purposes. The results will be informed within 14 days.

Guarantee for lost of use/purpose

Medeze undertakes to pay the CLIENT 10 times the amount paid in the event the stem cells banked with Medeze cannot be used for any reason and Medeze cannot find a replacement within 1 month.

Photo Certificate

When you bank stem cell with Medeze, we take extra steps to give you extra confidence. The total stem cell count, type of stem cell, stem cell viability, number of vials, growth potential of the treatment-ready stem cells and photograph of the processed stem cells will be presented through “Photo Certificate”. Data will be analysed by Countess Automated Cell Counter to ensure precise cell counts and human error free. These descriptions give health care providers important information about the quality of stem cells for future therapies.

Cryogenic Vapor Shipper

Medeze provides client with Cryogenic Vapour Shipper for stem cell transfer outbound of Thailand. This cryogenic vapour shipper is designed for the safe transportation of stem cells at cryogenic (-190°C) temperature. It does not hold any liquid-form nitrogen as it has an absorbent wicking material that can charge with liquid nitrogen, thus providing constant cryogenic temperature (-190° C) for 14 days in vapour shipping. This technology of dry, spill-free vapour-phase shipping is implemented to keep your stem cells safe, healthy, and ready for your physician use. Cryogenic Vapour Shipper ships your stem cells with a “non-hazardous” classification throughout the world, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.

  • Dry, spill-free vapour-phase shipping
  • Maintain constant cryogenic temperature for 14 days.
  • Protective shipping carton to ensure upright shipping
  • Uses advanced chemical vacuum retention system
  • Uses hydrophobic liquid nitrogen absorbent system
  • Convenient lightweight package for sample transfer
  • Ready for transportation in 24 hours.