About Medeze Group

As leaders in the field of regenerative stem cell therapy, Medeze offers hope and restoration, confidence and beauty, a renewed sense of control, and access to long-awaited cures.

Built on a solid foundation of impeccable science and years of experience, Medeze have led the industry in technical innovation and access to stem cell therapies, both established and emerging. We were the first bank to offer cord tissue banking and adipose tissue banking, in addition to routine cord blood banking, and our research and development efforts have greatly increased the potential scope of available stem cell therapies.

Through our state-of-the-art facilities, exclusive access to world-class surgeons, and partnerships with more than 30 of the world’s best hospitals, we have given hundreds of clients back control over their lives.

Through consistent high performance and an impeccable track record, we have earned accreditation with globally respected organisations, including ISO, the International Society for Cellular Therapy and the National Environmental Balancing Bureau.

Medeze is creating a standard of practice that is paving the way for a transformation in the way we look at age and illness. We look towards a day when saving newborn stem cells will be a routine practice and stem cell therapy will be the first line of treatment for many of today’s incurable diseases.

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