Our technology

At Medeze, we marry the cutting edge nanotechnologies with stem cell sciences to serve your regenerative needs. Nanomedicine is the critical tool for developing successful lab-grown organs as it allows us to design the building block structure and mimic natural tissue patterning precisely at nano-scale. With our expertise in using nanomedicine, we choose to focus working on adult stem cells for benefits of

  1. their genetic safety over their embryonic counterparts,
  2. their autologous applications to bypass immune rejections and complication risks,
  3. their richness of secreted factors for effective healing, and
  4. their plasticity and proliferative capacity over somatic cells to become your needed tissues.

Our technologies are designed to be better than cornea from human donor. We ensure quality of corneal endothelium. Often times, endothelial dysfunction occurs in cornea obtained from human donor; therefore, causing corneal graft failure. To further reduce graft failure, our cell collections provide immunological similarities. In high-risk individuals, mismatches of immunological profiles are also a major cause of endothelial dysfunction and graft failure.

In 2015, the European Commission has recently approved limbal stem cell product, setting a milestone to use cell replacement therapy to restore vision.