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Why Bank Your Stem Cells?

  1. Simple procedure poses neither risk nor pain during the collection.
  2. Adipose tissues are abundant sources of mesenchymal stem cells, the most powerful of all cells. These cells have self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation properties toward various tissues such as nerve cell, cardiomyocyte, osteocyte, pancreatic cell and so on.
  3. Your own mesenchymal stem cells no incidence of rejection.
  4. Banked stem cells today will be readily accessible, allowing treatment to begin earlier if required, with no time wasted in the search and matching process required for publicly banked stem cells.
  5. Lastly, with Medeze’s patented technology, there will always be an unlimited supply of your own stem cells to reassure your needs.

Potential cures of mesenchymal stem cells

Process of banking your stem cells


  1. Using fat stem cell isolation, we can extract your healthy stem cells and cultivate them for your future use.
  2. Freeze adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells
  3. Activate Stem Cells to treatments

Fat stem cell isolation

Monoclonal culture derived from a single adipose tissue-derived stem cell, showing large-scale expansion of healthy and homogeneous population of stem cells.

  1. Morphology of isolated and seeded stem cells derived from adipose tissue
  1. shows cells after 7 days of culture, and acquire a fibroblastic-like morphology.