Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Medeze expands and multiplies Mesenchymal Stem Cell routinely for our clients without outsourcing to other laboratory center.
  2. Has technicians who are all master-degree scientists in stem cell biology.
  3. Collects adipose stem cell from excess fat tissue. This makes it possible for autologous transplantation.
  4. Uses clean room class 100 (ISO class7), 100 times less particles than operative theater.5.Provides chromosomal analysis of stem cells prior cryopreservation.
  5. Proves what we do in “photocertificate”.
  6. Is active company in International Society of Cellular Therapy; an international society for stem cell transplantation.
  7. Medeze will conduct necessary tests to ensure that the collected stem cells are healthy and can be used for treatment purposes.
  8. Medeze undertakes to pay the CLIENT 10 times the amount paid in the event the stem cells banked with Medeze cannot be used for any reason and Medeze cannot find a replacement within 1 month.

Medeze laboratory is the heart of our renowned service offerings. It’s equipped with an ISO Class 7 Clean Room (Class 100), used for all cell processing. It is certified by NEBB, United States of American. Pressures, humidity and temperatures are all constantly monitored. Our lab also boasts automated equipment for hematopoietic cell isolation and preservation, which will give the highest yield of total stem cell number obtain. What’s more, our advanced Lab Information System provides electronic record keeping, for faster, more accurate data and trace back potential.

Medeze currently stores your stem cells in the nitrogen tank filled with 300 liters of liquid nitrogen. It is equipped with full surveillance systems to control constant temperature under -190 degrees Celsius. Our surveillance systems are listed.

  1. A reservoir tank fills with liquid nitrogen of 300 liters. This reservoir will constantly replenish liquid nitrogen back into storage tank when there is a drop from set level.
  2. Our Storage Bunker regulates liquid nitrogen through pressurized mechanism. Incidence of electrical shut down poses no disturbance to our system.
  3. Liquid nitrogen tank is placed in fireproof storage bunker whereby stable temperature can be controlled for at least 8 hours during fire attack.
  4. Video surveillance system monitors cryogenic storage entrance at all time.
  5. Access to cryogenic storage is controlled by safe door, which has the same standard as National bank.
  6. A central monitoring system alarms for nitrogen depletion within storage tank and sent messages to all authorized personnel.
  7. 7. Quality control system monitors temperature and pressure within nitrogen tank daily

Once you are Medeze client, you will be presented a “Photocertificate” prior to long-term storage. Within this Photocertificate, you will find your

  1. Total stem cell count and viability (pre-freeze)
  2. Verified growth of the treatment-ready stem cells
  3. Sources and types of your stem cells.
  4. A photograph of your Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), the proof is all in the pictures